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I tried to be carefree and lovely

but apathy is a devil that smiles

at the wasting and waning. So the devil must be a gift,

I suppose. A hymn must make you

Dance, because it is nice to dance

and good. So fight for yourself 

against feelings of disparity  

or against others. Dance even during

the battle. Is stumbling

the problem? You don’t need to worry

about this or that. Your soul

will unite the divine with your body.

I swear heaven got it wrong, I am in love

with the earth. Where else

would you call home? I call to God

when I walk and when i breathe and when I refrain

to speak into an empty space. 

Listen, there is much to be found

within yourself, but even more in others.

Just think then, of God

doesn’t she look around amazed with wonder 

and fascination at the world, at you, and me?

There is your pride, holy saint

caring for the sins of us all.


looking like a slice of amber and the sky

the same as the ocean swallowing whole

so we were left in the wonder of that abyss~


if i could be anything, i thought in the dark

it’d be a cartographer of the carevessas of her lower lip

and the whirlpools in her hair

her collarbone arced like my cascade mountains

and her shoulder rolled out like a pacific island ~


i’m not sucha romantic that i pray for the future

but there’s another ocean in the meaning of words

and as i take another dive i’ll look back on this as another

time - what a funny thought, i’ll think, and then go out to find

the Moon, still in the sky, i’d imagine, looking

star light white and amber red swimming in the dark.

Concerning the Moon

Toward the horizon line,

I don't believe that there was just nothing,

but rather the end of an illusion,

poetic nonetheless, so useful.

Justified Feelings

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