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Rabbi Bo said "I don't believe in God, I know there is a God!"

I said its all the same. Nuance splits the hairs of dead dogs

who then returns to their vomit "I believe in God, but

I don't know anything" - that's Platonic wisdom - If

you know you're foolish then you can laugh

at your repeated folly like spitting out all

these words in search of meaning

"in the beginning formless and

empty water covered


That's contradiction,

the spirit hovered over and

then the unit of creation was

"cloven asunder" like the separation

of liberation and surrender, Iblis & Yeezus

say "One good God is worth a thousand Houri's"

Glory be to that beyond all names - If I were there

I wouldn't have bowed to Adam either, pathetic mud

creatures with eyes like barriers, if I had omnipotent power

I'd build a tower or construct a ladder from earth at the

center reaching up to the heavenly house of pleasure

and spend eons in raucous babel with my Creator

and William Blake (we share a birthday) singing

who could/dare frame my fearful symmetry?

All Tyger's burn bright, us filthy animals

full of ego and a heart caught on fire

my nature is killing I'm killing my

nature my ineffable God

did I ever make you

laugh with me

through my


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