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Cocky imperialistic empire of commercial enterprises composed of creatives and consumers in a tug-o-war supplying it's own demands by constantly conveying cultural meaning contaminated with cynicism conditioned to crank our cog and help combat Chinese communism, oh my Kanye save me, from the bowels creation screams with constipated karma while our terracotta society struggles to coax our spirit towards contentment; this cheesy crumbling consistency gives US an upset stomach. 


Exposing a cultural, philosophical, psychological, and scientific assumption, that the laws of nature are consistent.


As best we can tell, we are on a ball of mass and energy in harmony spinning and orbiting a gigantic yet comparatively minuscule ball of energy, which is itself being pulled, as if in a current, towards a truly gigantic mass of matter and energy spinning and ripping in ways we cannot imagine, yet can measure, and the number is so big that it is meaningless to us. We simply have nothing to compare it with. It is unfathomable.


While we are not there yet, we are on a trajectory towards that great center. In the meantime, we move through what we call space, and time. Remember, space and time are one of the same thing. Just as matter and energy are one of the same thing, just at different states of being (E=mc^).



Movement enabled by quantum particles passing in and out between our dimension and into another, another medium?

You’re just as important as everything else in the entire universe, no more & no less; how does that make you feel?


She said I am real and you are not,

and then I never saw her again

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