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You pay so close attention

to word choice, that you miss

what is said - are you listening?

Thou shalt, thou shout

40 days of hearing nothing during

backtrack retrograde season, sucha

heavenly communication crisis

Thou shalt, thou shout

The devil walks into a mosque

And then 50 people go to heaven

God answers every prayer for salvation

Thou shalt, thou shout

The entire fractured culture

Proselytizes their position, talking shit

But I don't speak the language

Ye shall - take a pull from this juul

Ye shout - "I've got nuanced vision,

I see in four dimensions

time don't talk but listen

I'm not really good at nothing

besides words and fckn

free association dizzy wizzy weee

like Israel with my daily sacraments

You'd think I'm so religious"

(suffering: vanity of vanities: the pointlessness of human activities)

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