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How does it feel to be in that body possessed by a wild spirit dear

Blue heron patiently inspecting tanner springs then snatches

a fish and flies away over downtown Portland of all the places

I was the only witness sitting on the park bench killing time slowly

Grasping at the pattern but in an agnostic position, I don't know

I don't understand why everyone is so obsessed with living

If you love it then you lose it, that's bona fide Jesus wisdom

Straight from the cattywampus kingdom - god this world can get

So demanding

Eating a long john for breakfast this morning I'm reminded somehow of that time on the beach in Spain laying lackadaisically next to Charisse as we talk about Jacob & his naked body playing in the salt water and then the tide rolls in my mind floods with thoughts like Thea sing to me and walks around Rome discussing philosophy with Alexander about how it all gets swept away in the gutter eroding memories that sink to the bottom of the ocean to feed the plankton like sacrifices to Poseidon or any of the other divine names we met between the Greek isles and the Eternal City; oh my darling past lives, may your karma catch up to me.

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