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Hello ego 

Good to see you again

Howl holler

Stage is set for you to begin 


Chase the stray cat!


Backyard old hound snacking on chicken bones 

big league chew, could use a comb

hand hit the good spot at the top of the dome 


Alpha when you run the pack

Lone wolf give mama a heart attack

Muddy paws you been digging holes 


Down dog feel the edge of the mat

Release and let the ground pick up the slack 

breathe in through your nostrils 

They think that there is another world out there, a higher realm, something more real, real grass, to which our grass is based off of. Real wind, from which our wind is based off of. & they believe that this life is but a passing, a game, something that you will be judged off of but as long as you have the right answer you pass, actually, eventually, everybody passes, God forgives all, God loves all, God will change you to be who you are to become. So, when, finally, you die; you awake to a new reborn body, more perfect that any body you could have known in this world because that body will be real.


“Too good to be true,” I said.

“What do you think the purpose of our life is then?”


Admittedly I had no better answer.

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