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Standing on solid ground in the middle of space 


See the big picture but missing the point 

Things were starting to look up, I kept my head down 

I’ve got a laundry basket full of clean clothes 

Apocalyptic and apocryphal 

My friend is somewhere in the back shooting Coca Cola  

I forgot how painful it can be, being the only sober one at a party

I pick it up

One time online

Show it off

Drop it down

She make me lose my mind


Imma head out

Boo boo what’s the time

Orbiting the sun

I made you come around thrice


Some things last a long time

& some things don’t

Her name holds such immense gravity in my mind that thoughts get sucked in & spiral down, get ripped apart, they never can complete themselves. I turn in circles. Everything is relative to everything else; it’s unverified but I assume it’s all one.

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