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Flowers in December

I always try to remember 

Flowers in the summertime 








A field of thinking fluid

You and me in a fluid dynamic 

Who made this?

Who splurged creation across the fabric of spacetime?

Who intertwined the galaxies in gravity?

Who spun the planets around the sun

like ring a round a Rosie?


How come we fertilize the earth like an egg?

How come we carry DNA?

And how come we aren’t one yet we know that we relate?

How come the more we fight the more we separate?


Is there a way to live without suffering?

Is there a way to see dark energy?

Is there a way to combine the spirit with the matter of this thing?

Is there a way to transcend but not escape reality?


When were we born in the scope of history?

When would we know that we’ve been mistaken?

When until we resurrect the dead?

When will Jesus comes back?


What if prayers don’t amount to nothing?

What if it all collapses?

What if we could have corrected?

What if we die & then don’t even care?


What is the issue?

What is neurotic & what is premonition?

What is the current state of medicine?

What is over the edge?


Why do I feel so rebellious?

Why do we work all the time?

Why do you not speak your mind?

Why do the stars shine?

Like pictures drawn from a lost point of view


Humanity went to mars, & so twice had been expelled from the garden of paradise

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