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Nothing you can do will take you out of God’s plan; and if it did, if you moved God, then be proud, for you would be performing the impossible, changing the One. Instead of seeking God’s plan, whether in anxiousness or arrogance (for that is the paradigm this question is birthed through), bend; do not simply obey like a well trained dog (remember that you are free), bend; as if with a partner in dance, bend; united as one are the heavens and the earth, are the earth and your body, are your body and your spirit, are your spirit and the Holy Spirit, are the Holy Spirit and God. Do not fear, we have been birthed into a great dance, as children, through powers beyond our comprehension with the precision of a cosmic surgeon, given no prerogative, simply with opportunity in accordance with the time we have been given. Sing, dance, flirt, drink, breathe, sit out, feel envy, critique, practice, work, despair, relish, revel, delight, love, enjoy; it is a giant party with many pieces and activities, many people with different desires and levels of courage and wit; if I have any advice, my best advice, it is advice that I was given, “be as innocent as a dove and as cunning as a serpent”

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