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Out of nothing, a vibration

The formation of an edge

to my awareness, I deny

This existence and recede

Under the covers but time

And time again I am

Recalled, summoned by

What? by Whom? My end

Table shakes, there is a light

I extend my hand and find


17 messages on my phone

From the group chat

On my phone friends flip through firing off shots & shooting firearms at paper targets then show the world how straight is their aim even though they resent hate they complain which means to explain why personal experience is sometimes a pain but remember how the wise say to accept the world as it spins without blame or shame; like those friends who shoot & smile & have known that they’ve been wrong before so no reason to think that anybody is stuck or ahead, besides “it’s not a competition” was a damn good motto for play with and made for some memorable classic scenes, like picking up that hitch hiker who was the Buddha and said “be present” which became the line for the trip & we tattoo’d it on our skin to remember which brings me even now to now in this scene with some light simple beat firing off rhythms to tap my feet & shoot off something like lyrics.

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