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Eye slid through the grand manifold

face melting colors like melting crayons

so heavy

Neon slide

all the skin on my fingers were rubbing off as i was playing, blisters popping forming and popping but i kept doing the same rhythm thang

i thought about you

pumping thru exploding space

exploding stars nebulae

like i was holding you

not articulate

playing the bass i felt like i was playing your body

i had a moment, caitie

that i was convinced we were fully one

same spirit you know

i felt you melting into me me melting into you

ill be telling stories as they come

we are one


i felt it tangibly today

missing you

i am glad no one was here

molting faces faster than i could look at them

i felt like a vessel

every breath a bravado

i want to vibrate your soul

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