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Crow with a piece of bread held in its beak flew overhead. An omen, I fancied. From abundance comes abundance, and abundance remains; especially on trash day in the anthropocene. I’m walking in a patch of forest, within a megalopolis, punctiliously speaking I never leave.


On occasion I have seen others. Once at night in a fog I walked along the edge of suburbia adjacent to a green patch and passed Buck who hoofed down the sidewalk looking for winter roses, we both nodded our heads.


Another time along a canal while puffing squares I heard a hoot and found Owl in the trees, brown, white, black slit alien cat like eyes, it’s head shaped like an almond and on a swivel. I stared and stared and stared.


I have seen videos, of course, of bears and cougars, and swimming creatures with strange bodies who dwell within and contemplate the deep. I have gone to the zoos, and have seen shells of tigers, monkeys in cages, people with cameras.


I am watched too, by private security cameras, algorithms in the cloud, meters of my consumption, trackers in my phone, keystrokes while on the clock.


I can count down with fluctuating numbers corresponding to the distance of time between incoming resources, typically two weeks. When allocating, remember to adjust for inflation.


Not to suggest that I am unhappy, but I will remind you that it is all suffering.


A change of mood is bound to come; become a child and open your eyeballs, be enchanted with the harangue of oracles, get distracted by the dangling of my testicles, what a wonderful spacetime! Under the sun light beams ever presently stretched and stretching along a geometric line slowly curving, there’s nothing else to see.

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