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No shade, I’ve got an evil eye

on my wrist, bone on the other side

I’m a rebel, like a Jedi

got it tattoo’d on my left thigh


Drive myself crazy thinking of purpose

If there’s no meaning, then is it worthless?

Well what else are you gonna do

Follow myself what do I got to lose


Un-attachment is selfish

Not unlike hedonist

Go ahead and take the middle way

I’m just walking and checking out the words to say

“Tobacco smoke perfulated the room.”


“Wait, what? Perfulated isn’t a word.”


“What’re you saying? Of course it is. Tobacco smoke perfulated the room. Don’t you know what perfulated means? It’s the act of perfuming. Kinda like, it perumed around the room”


“Perfume isn’t a verb, it’s a noun.”


“It can’t just be a noun, it has a way of being too, a movement to it. To perfulate, from the root perfu, as in perfume; to permeate a zone with a strong noticeable odor.”


“You just made all that up."



Later ... her scent would perfulate throughout my memory

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