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The crossing of a threshold, a change in the location of the stars.

Autumn has come, it is here, I feel renewed.


A new steadiness of hand. No, not yet, but I caught the knack for it, finally.


It’s foam bubbling out of everything. Everything is a bubble, we live in a foaming universe. We are in Radha’s bathtub, the CBD bubbles forming and popping all around her as she relaxes.


Lakshmi sleeps now, under my left arm as I type away. Her breath beats rhythmically and steadily, softly, like a bass in the background driving the song. She dances, often, occasionally we dance together, like yesterday with a record spinning in the background Ras Lila Lila Lila


Do not be motivated by outcomes. That’s not the whole but a lot of the Gita. Caitie gives me hope. Suddenly I think towards the future, stash away some money. I think of my dharma, to love Caitie and my life here as a millennial person. Battles wage and dramas unfold, domestic and foreign, internal and external. For example, right now I want a glass of water, but Kitty sleeps on my arm. No no no, I can wait. Who knows what the future will bring, even the squirrels store up for winter digging acorns knowing they always forget. Don’t be motivated by particulars, outcomes, benefits, consequences, etc.


What a thrill.


I pray for peace and harmony, love in abundance, auspicious boundlessness

Om Radha Krishnaya Namaha

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