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Lets hit the road and burn some dinosaur

I’m gassing up the metaphor

“We’re driving straight to Tokyo”

That’s anywhere that you wanna go


We’ll let’s see

I’m feeling bright and not too heavy

Make believe

I’m as light as New York city

I think the concept of dark matter and dark energy is so poetic though ~ a substance and an energy that affects gravity but has no effect on light ~ if the basic nature of our universe is 95% complete mystery, so then in effect our existence is a 95% mystery


What if (for example) what separates you and me now is not geographical distance or time, but just a bunch of dark stuff; so it’s not like you affect me directly in a “light” touching sort of way, but in an unseen-dark-gravitational-pull sort of way; like randomly you’ll pull across my mind or pop up on my phone, & what causes that? Maybe all our insides are “dark stuff”, like our emotions & sensations which pull us around life like how the stars orbit the galaxies ::: do you think there is a cosmological constant to your being?

Plot twist the innocence is in the darkness

refracted light accounts for the 5% out of context

reality frays then weaves loops and I pass through

in holiness with the spirit of God hidden and inside

hollow like how all my words are see through

and I didn't answer and you couldn't even remember

our last time together so void the contents

I keep a wide orbit scratching signs in space to mark

moments of big explosions long after it all changes

a million miles away the sun will still be shining

visions like meaning which is made from life

and like all of life it'll come and go in due time

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