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Beginner’s mind devotion


I yap this out here just for fun

It’s child’s play you know what I’m saying

A drizzy day for me agai\\\\\\\\\\


It’s like the weather

It won’t be here forever

These things change all the time

Ask yourself a hundred times what you want and then deconstruct desire will strike its striking it struck lightening like tragedy you may feel guilty thinking it's all muck but don't blame yourself for being right

if Wisdom takes the jab it's to avoid the hook and the Fool says get me in the ring of the bell is just the start of the fight and I’m already bored with the blood guts and lust lost not impressed by your pavlovian response I've got your words in ink and that's enough blows or else you'll KO

you know that confidence shakes and tectonic plates break so

tread lightly on the surface of a world that continuously spins

faster than you can walk away from and so much heavier than your body I was born naked baby I'll only ever be taking or sharing and don't forget that life is what we know of Divinity, God and Nothing, and the ten thousand things so live accordingly ~ as for me that's all the pearls today that I'll be throwing.

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