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Am I just a grand curator of moments & memories? Is my life a story for some unseen audience? Am I the player in a game of hedonistic pleasures & the just receiver of due punishments? Am I the recorder of history, one mouth piece amongst many? Is my only purpose to fill this particular stretch of time? What am I? Am I a cog in the wheel? A slave to the machine? The outcome of evolution? A son of God? Am I a man with a brain? Am I the divine feminine wearing masculine drab? Am I just some byproduct of Rome? Globalism? A child of the earth? A worm to pull from the soil whenever Death, like a crow, swoops in to pluck & swallow? Am I simply matter briefly instantiated with the spirit of Life dancing around the Void? Am I the animation of the cosmos, of light? !!??!?


I walk around & let my mind say what it wanna say

Something about modernity feels outta place

I text you to let you know that I’ll be running late

Look at us we’ve got a hundred reasons to celebrate

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