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Gods name is breath thus always on my tongue it gives me life it fills me up it is the Holy Spirit seen but unseen known but unknown held together by three molecules yet the most mysterious because it is life not yet exposed anywhere except everywhere it animates animals it is the gas to the machine it is the continual rising & relieving always on my lips in the depths of my being it inspires all my words even heresies it is me as long as I have breath in my being I am known & know God

I see

Despite no color theory

Wipe my lenses still all blurry

The world spins in such a hurry

And it all mixes


I look down to find my feet

My shoes once white now all muddy

I look up to see the sky

And I’m surprised to find


Out of all the sights to see Im seeing black


Death is unfinished, all of the symbols change


I can hear the rain, it’s my secret power

The street’ll be drenched in the next half hour


I grab a book & sit next to my window

Change is good, the lady said and pulled in the sign. I finished my spliff. Guess it must be true. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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