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Go ahead & fall asleep your body will remember how to breathe with a constant steady rhythm in harmony, in an obscure key, with the bugs briskly going about their duty & the deep orange night light clouds hanging motionless over a world of contrast (apophenia is the motif) 


I dream of a pattern emerging between the amalgam of your cadence & my word choice like an oscillating frequency of living poetry while the world spins our bodies crash & the earth shakes from the crescendoing anomalies - I know my orbit is too wide for the moon & from my place in space you’re so hard to see, but who knows what might become in a cosmos filled with dark matter & relativity 

The past fades and diminishes, receding like images in the passenger side mirror; the objects are closer than they appear, that’s what the words say, meanwhile

the car rolls out of the frame. The present perspective shifts and pans wide up towards the night sky blocked by

yellow/green/red leaves of trees lining city streets littering colors wafting a scent without a name, Dionysian pheromones, musky-sweet-fermenting-autumn



I find it hard to state my ability in knowing myself. I am composed of many past lives; my sister Jessica who taught me about death and my sister Olivia who teaches me about life. Basketball and church, a devotion to gods, wisdom, the spirit, the way; contrast to my time under the divine feminine, Durga, esoteric, seeking, traveling - I always forget to bring gifts for the crows. I’ve been burned my objects, people, my ignorance. I have a head of fear, a head of pride, one like a child. Fear helps me see and navigate the world. Pride lifts me away from gravity. The child is how i operate; curious, low, just beginning.

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