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I am terrene

a mud-bone calcium deposit

agglomerate that is now

doing nothing, sitting

still, light motions stir within

like when air circulates a cavity -

is there a spirit lurking?

or is it just my heart beating?

I hold back my tongue

and then my body speaks,

"a beast dwells inside of me

the holy ghost alive and possessing

I move through time embodied

like Kronos, remorselessly swallowing

innocent rocks in my belly

you cannot escape an edacious titan

of being, power hungry, lustily

throwing seed to grow nothing"

Tiger demon cupid baby I said I'm killer and you didn't believe me so you got all caught up on ain't my little pet pretty then I ran away and, oh Lovely, were you ever listening?


Grimy grubby I earned these stripes patiently waiting in the weeds crouching you ain't the first to try, honestly, what were you expecting when you wrapped your arms around me?


Blue fire sign burning eats your heart out while your mouth is crying wolf I'm Howell’ing knock you out like a 2-buck-schmuck-dead-ass-Kennedy: don’t sling mud and then ask why your hands are all dirty

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