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Pea cocking enlightenment

taste the sweet bitter

lukewarm tea washing down

a side of Jesus

so intentional about

what’s in my feed

chew, taste, then swallow

all the food

settle down into

the mind-body, problem 

solved in the here & now until

I need to eat 

(just give it time)

so, kill the cow

or, kill the King

act like the judge 

talk as if there’s knowledge 

on the tongue 

of all the words

in all the languages 

hypocrisy & disbelief

typically, is what I mean 

but there is a tune

to hum along

something deep & surprisingly

easy - what it is

I cannot write

I dare not speak

if you have eyes

then let them see 

Ain’t much to it to be in the flow

But I don’t know can’t touch the bottom

a rip tide tries to take my soul

Cat got dragged down below saved by a life guard and an angel


what I know is that I’m still learning how to swim in the ocean


Don’t take it too easy, life don’t go easy on me


She’s always hanging with the crowd she knows what life’s about, to dwell and doubt and rise again a holy wind & a lover on occasions we were never meant to be I asked her once what she thought of me. And we went our ways.


I don’t take it too easy, life hasn’t gone too easy on me


I want to know what you meant when you called me risky

And I ain’t coming back to you just asking for clarity

I gotta say, hey baby don’t trust your sanity

This world is spinning so you ought to get dizzy


She ain’t a problem I’m solving variables pop up all the time & I’m just guessing as something hidden under this mise en abymes it strikes a rhyme turn on the dime gotta live life one at at time


4th of July I’m riding bicycles with my rose

I’m on the level up and down in palindromes madam rides my race car trash & blast the vehicle never odd or even, it’s all equal

I still feel those obstacles down every road


Let’s take it easy, oh life won’t you go easy on me

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