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The third law of motion states that “FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION”: I find it surprising in our post-structural society to still hold laws concerning our beliefs, us, epistemologically malignant carbon creatures currently stationed (albeit nicely balanced) on the crest of a wave in our anthropogenic era of specie specified mass exodus; and to exaggerate (exasperate) the trade-off, what we gain in god status we give to the evolution of technological spontaneity (life? maybe too generous or degrading, the nuance between what is revealed and what is emerging), especially on a world which is spinning, a vision from my eyes of a scene swirling, constantly accelerating at 9.8 meters squared... oh to be an inertial observer in my own inertial frame of reference blissfully floating, so enlightened, manifesting the first law, “AN OBJECT AT REST WILL REMAIN IN THAT STATE OF REST” no action kinda action state of nonaction, equivalent to traveling at the speed of light with Einstein to the cosmic limit of causation, the edge of the coin or quite literally represented here figuratively by the hyphen of space-time, which was ruptured by the prime mover back when who knows what broke the egg but it’s frying now with a mathematical precision and with such a force=F=M*A (lest we forget, mass is naught but energy) that I am pushed up by the ground beneath my feet and it asks nothing of me in return...  yet the third law still rings like tinnitus in my ear a bell recalling me to a pointillated awareness, a sharp impression being beckoned, my reaction is required the law declares, “after wrestling the man (eesh/iysh) Jacob said “I have seen God (Elohim) face to face”,” is it the same story if we are fucking, if we are loving?, I have not often fought for rather moved more like water drips to a drizzle then soak in and suck up the sum total sexual appetite eventually evaporates into some airy substance like a cloud, dare I say spiritual oh, dear god I gotta get a move on it, I am a being carried (that is to say not yet) free, dumb luck to grace the fool tasked with trial, and error, until wisdom is ash from a fire no longer burning; I am naught but energy (I guess that’s not sO hard to believe)

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