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There are many different ways to travel. I’ve travelled by cruise ship. It was all you can eat. It dropped us off at different locations through the Caribbean with some of the greatest beaches on planet earth, cheap Mai Tai’s, cerulean blue ocean salt water. Simultaneously this cruise ship dropped us off where the poverty is so vivid and ironical that I wasn’t able to enjoy myself because of a crippling feeling of class guilt. How should you feel when you are on vacation surrounded by people who are basically servants and who’s parents or grandparents were forcibly taken from their homeland and sent to these islands, where their children’s children are still stuck, unable to move because of an infrastructure that impedes them from leaving but encourages you to come vacation for a while, because the beaches are world class - class guilt directly correlates with class empathy. Empathy is what we use to not feel like carnal creatures. If you ever find yourself on a cruise ship I hope you don’t feel guilty. I hope for a while you just let yourself live like you’re fucking divinity and let everyone else fluff themselves up with empathy.


Another way to travel is through Europe with everything you own in a backpack, staying in hostels, living cheap because you only have $5000, $2000, $1000, enough for a plane ride back to the States - I’ve travelled this way too, spent a total of 9 months out on the road. It’s harder than you’d imagine. This kind of life fosters anxiety, stress, and fear, it exposes our vulnerabilities. I watched a girl get her phone, wallet, and passport stolen right out of her hand. We were in Rome. These things happen in life. Nonetheless this form of travel is far more rewarding to your character. Psychologically it was difficult going so long with no space that was ‘mine’. I remembered the pleasure of my own room in the hostel. The fact that I didn’t have such a room anywhere in the world further emphasized the pain, an opposite to the pleasure, a lack, a sin, a yin, all because of a girl, the divine feminine. You also meet so many people from all over the world who you won’t ever see again so you explore yourself in different social interactions - you become Sartre free. Foucault’s ubiquitous social structuralism first, and then Sartre. It’s an existential freedom, engulfed by melancholy and a sense that the end of the world is coming. You realize why the wisest say “meaningless, meaningless, everything is meaningless.” The fact that this all matters now doesn’t negate the reality of the time. Meaning is connections and that period was originally unconnected. The fact that it later became so connected is accidental, or Divine, we’ll call it Fate - the genius flow weaving the tapestry of Existence, that we aren’t privy to by the base fact that we’re a piece of string currently being woven to the larger frame.


Good philosophy is factual, meaning logical, meaning it follows certain agreed upon axioms. For example, we don’t believe in true contradiction, yet all of our basic theories about the state of existence holds together via contradiction. Interpreting the mathematical principles of quantum mechanics, we know that electrons can exists at two different locations at the same time. The world renowned famous theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku writes, “It sounds preposterous that electrons and atoms can be in many states at the same time, but this is the foundation of modern civilizations. Lasers, transistors, computers, the internet etc. are all based on quantum mechanics. It has been tested to 1 part in 100 billion in accuracy, making it the most successful physical theory of all time. Except that it is based on feet of clay.” Likewise, on a macro level, space and time exists together on a continuum, meaning space/matter and time are one and the same thing, like eyes and ears on a face, thus our universe is one four dimensional object, including ourselves. We typically don’t consider ourselves as composed of time, though we are just as much beings of time as we are beings of matter, atoms, cells, water, bones, mind, ego, etc.


The fact that we know these axioms (and many more) to be unverifiably true, beyond the reach of logic, but agreed upon nonetheless, is the fatal flaw in our epistemological system. To fix this we’d need to completely start over from ground zero, create a cultural pod of infant-beings who are somehow self dependent enough to survive and evolve and develop systems of thought that grope towards an accurate understanding of wtf is going on here. Then we’d start over from that, again go to ground zero, and through millenia study other infant-beings wrestle and digest reality, compare all the theories, combine/refine/create new theories, until we finally arrive at an epistemological system that is completely verifiable and non-dubious. The belief that this is what aliens are doing, ie. running science experiments through different species for millions and millions of years is a belief that nobody holds, but is in fact what is happening in our realm of existence. The fact that this is currently an unverifiable claim and widely unpopular does not affect the actual truth value of the claim. Nobody holds this belief because we were programmed to never believe it. Try to believe that this is what is happening. You can’t honestly believe it at a fundamental level. There is a block surrounding the belief like a piece of code that has been

/* hidden */.

To transcend the code and believe is enlightenment. There are many avenues for enlightenment to the human being because there are many blocks in our head, and thus many opportunities to transcend. Some transcendence comes from belief, some from disbelief, ultimate transcendence comes from, well uh, transcending all dichotomies. You don’t go crazy but you might for a little while. Don’t fret yourself over being sane though, it is a cultural construct, and the only verifiable fact that we have received from a few millennia of homo-sapien development is that we most definitely do not know what’s going on, and thus we operate in an insane culture. Therefore, don’t be afraid to hold novel beliefs. You might help the aliens responsible for this whole truth enterprise.

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