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all my heroes die young

like on the road beat bopping and drunk flap reckless

then left out in the cold, frozen solid

starting out as an ouroboros

but kept munching and couldn’t get sober, so

the circle kept getting smaller until dead at 47

47! You ain’t even half way man 

is it suicide or cannibalism when you eat yourself alive?

but my hero, fatal flawed and im-m-m-mperfect

because we learn while learning in on the edge

sinking down or getting high

and I’m in between both Jesus Christ and the devilish Jack

both dead, both died, both alive

in books, in holy writs

in the reflections of my face when I look

at the mirror seeing myself for like the first time 

I swear I think like this every time I have

black coffee or black lungs but I feel healthy

like how the road to heaven looks the same

as the road to hell, so how could you tell? 

If they're the same then I must've been deceived, I guess

it all boils down to honesty ::::::::: is that lame?

Jack and Jesus

High treason my thoughts and inactions 

towards the sell out best for this price

earn more than you’re paid they say

that this is what is best for the business and business

is a person so do unto others amiright-

when did we agree that this is a good citizen

duty to society, apathetic dulling tv radio phone

numbing is society. How can you have a genuine personality

when they’ve told you exactly how to behave

and you listen, because, well, there is no reason

not to except 

I just don’t want to 

Accept Not

It’s cold, in this building

I only ever look outside

feeling trapped. Like a monster

in a cage I feel not

contained, but

I’m suffocating-

is this growing up?

Is this how people spend

their lives waning

away in front of a magical box

every single day?

My God, fuck


I can’t,

I’ve got to

find another way

out to make money

but still

understand that I am 

an animal yet more

or less in need

of space to roam

and wrestle in

the struggle.  

Push Pay

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