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Fall must be the most kinetic of seasons, what a time to meet you

what a time to get your name stuck on my tongue

what a time to surprise myself, I repeat myself

often because my groove is a sporadic rhythm 

and I’m confessing every dog gone thought to you

as if this is some confessional, I just want to hear your words 

because they fill my mind each unique and ineffable in reality

like the gods of a pantheon, then you're the muse 

beyond begging the question, but what else can I say

I have so many questions still left to ask 

Kinetic Energy

He roared screaming down the silver road with his heels

fast up over the handlebars kicking wild  

and that wide child smile looking ahead off further than the setting sun-

We had that caged city feeling again, so we went off again

to the surrounding islands and the great primordial peninsula of Washington

never tamed and we flung against it all sanctifying our cloggy souls

with asphalt and rubber and the forest all around reminding ourselves that it 

ain’t for the future the way we living.

Back then he and I did not not believe, but felt propelled nonetheless

simply by ourselves. It was ever West

no matter which way we were headed, every direction onward;

and things will change, we’ve already learn't that lesson

so right on, write on, ride on

don’t hang back on account of any flap, Jack’s On the Road

listening to the beat, we’re learning the rhythm

proving there’s more out there of every sort of thing holy and profane

and both the same, mementoes of change, teaching our humble hungry minds

how to drive. 

Bonneville 900

I tell myself not to lose

my romanticism with love, with poetry- is it scary

growing old? If I am lucky, then I am 

a quarter way through. Already I’m older


than some of these evergreen trees, though they are

taller and deeper, 


see how much I still have left to learn? Still,

I have gone higher still, deeper still, still 


I have something to add. Mystery

enabling comedy and tragedy- there’s a story

about loneliness and friendship, God and nothing, earth 

and me- isn’t it all connected?


I’m not sure how I came to see things this way

but now I can’t look away. 


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