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Thought after thought after thought,

are you looking for some magic?

There is some leftover in the tray

more in the night sky.

Imagine that

you woke up right now

what would your first thought be?

Perhaps ‘what’ will do,

if a word is needed

then something fantastic


like ego eyes

or a melody

or the sum cycle of a 24 hour house fly.

I’m just searching for your attention,

any little thing will do.


As I was driving the rain

seemed relentless

and I was afraid

but mesmerized too

by the colors reflecting off the concrete.

I wonder, sometimes

I can’t stop. My mind

behaves like swirling air

pulling at you, pulling at me

getting written down. 

Cat's Eye

Pop and shake your way into my mind like the tip-tap-bop 

sounds of a dance, you’re an onomatopoeia, I swear

you reverberate my thoughts like sound waves

like last night I repeated your name as two syllables-two notes 

and I'm walking a hundred miles every moonlit hour

I just can’t get over your mind

Darling, do you know that people crumble all the time?

as I’m sure you must have but look at yourself now 

and imagine from my eyes; I’ll expound again, 

you’re like a word on a page that I can’t give a definition to 

but I say aloud again and again 

and again stumble out open into the wild world listening now

shaping my lips in different forms and testing it to your lips

I’m humming, you’re humming, these are sounds we don’t hear

but we sense nonetheless, resonance is noise 

we feel in our bodies.   

I Like Your Two Syllable Name

What a song

my heart beats

with your body

while the night

displays the moon

the day the

clouds for moments


now we walk

and kiss and

I think you

sing so lovely 

a Brisk Fall Walk

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