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I’m afraid you think I talk to everyone the way I talk to you. I’m afraid that just because I know the problem, I don’t know the answer. I’m afraid it’s all just a game and I’m just a human. I’m afraid there’s no point, but it’s still a big object (this is just the way I feel). I’m afraid I’m too sensitive and already feeling sore. I’m afraid you don’t think I’m taking this seriously. I’m afraid I’m taking this way too seriously. 


I’m afraid I can’t explain it any better than that.  


3 feet off the ground swinging side to side

like a careless sleepy child the sun warms

my stomach and though my eyes are closed

patches of light still break through 

my eyelids like goblins and lizards

imagined in my mind -real even if  

never seen - usually i am ready to run

but today i will stay, still and low

hanging in my hammock. There is no

point to this other than to say

enjoy everything for what it is. 

the No Lesson, Lesson

[the groove]

consists in the advance and retreat

dance like- like lighting like metaphors

grasping but not exactly capturing exactly

what I’m talking about

the Groove

Don’t fill in the gaps of my meaning just allow all these words to populate your brain while your eyes flash by and forget it all the next one Day. Afternoon. Evening. Night. BLACK. mourning. still. joy. all. joy. here. you-and-me is. you-and-you is. me-and-me wind. breezes. soft. like. butterflies-and-me breathe. Expand. breath. again. deeper. more (there’s pride) “can you hold something with an open palm?” yes. that. butterfly. in. my-mind flies. I-wonder. where. it. goes. when. I-stop eyes. LIGHT and go about your day. 

Blinking Words

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