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Looking at the new 

        moon and thinking

                            have we met?

I see you in different lights-

flip you over

in my mind I roll my tongue

         over your name

practicing it as a thing

foreign, sacred

precious as a petal

fallen from the stem of our time

(all time, I suppose, too) brief

and i want to take it all in

          for myself 

I want to ask you so many questions. 

I want to hear you speak every word.

I want to see you silhouetted 

          as a shape, then

I want to see you in vivid sun

          shine on every freckle

                            every blemish

          I’m not done, with your skin

i want to feel when you’re cold


Drop down menu on the airplane gives an impression of a ‘choose your own adventure’ but I know better, these things come and go on the weekend flow and the best I can do is try my best to remember snippets like these pictures, as if we’re pithy disasters, don’t take it all in just sip on the nectar. Everyone/everywhere is so damn similar unless you crack open the second layer then check it out, what a wonder you and I - I ain’t a pretender I won’t recall the names of the dives or cafes because those don’t really matter, but your name and your face I will. 

San Francisco After Glow

I was high tide about time for another storyline, feeling myself all new and fresh in a dead ass tourist trap Greek dream i-land // the baptismal mocks the Ocean. I came out of my lover, Salt-Water, forever the first born Sun call me Adam. I turned around on the shoreline towards my dark blue horizon, I’ll call you Eve (oh baby, I know you’re the entire Ocean). I twist my legs up through your swirling waves, surfing on your surface bare skin babe, twirling and dancing, I don’t mind if you crash into me // later you pick a forbidden fruit and say “eat”, I reply, of course, I ain’t ashamed and hell no I ain’t afraid. God prophesied the two shall become one.

Look at me solo now Yang blazing towards Aporia, I’m swimming, do you like the way my hands press down into the water and into your flesh?

I’m Yin now, all wet, receiving your actions spiraling with pain and pleasure because I’ve never had it like this [One], I’ll suffer all, your rule, gimme another bite, let me suck the juice outta that pit ~ desire desire, dance upon me Kali for it is thy pleasure, but this is my scene too, so moving well in time we are One and Two and One and Two…

(but humble humble, Ego be humble. Beginners Mind which I did not conceive, I allow you to give birth inside of me)

One & Two

It  always happens the first time leaving a place when it hangs on around longer than I want and clutches at me as I tear away.

Nostalgia ain’t a feeling, it’s a substance.

a little bit and I see something new and positive and get all appreciative all over; overdone though and it’ a damn hangover leaving ya in a fuzz phase like you’re walking around with cataracts in your eyes and sore for weeks on end.


Already I’ve got some nostalgic blues singing a tune oe'r me as I’m flying up California - I just woke and looking out the window to the trees below not looking like Evergreens, Ponderosa probably. I’m half way home, Shasta area I imagine.

Up and Down the West Coast

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